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Mental illness Myths



My name is David Hill and I will be your guide. My qualifications for the position are:

  1. Officially labeled mentally ill from 1972 through 1975.
  2.  Transitioned from mentally ill to happy, healthy mad man in 1976.
  3. Took psychotropic medications for 3 years.
  4. Worked in group homes for the mentally ill from 1998 to2009
  5. As both patient and patient-advocate, I have observed dozens of psychiatrists plying their trade.
  6. Have participated in hundreds of hours of “therapy” based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, R.D. Laing, Anna Halprin, _____ Casriel, and the mystic Osho.

I have been deeply involved in the world of mental illness for 56 of my 72 years, initiated by my baby brother being captured and tortured by the Rhode Island Psychiatric Establishment. His suicide, to escape further “treatment” at age 27, has formed the basis for my desire to rescue others falsely labeled, and to offer the tools I and others have used to travel the mystic path.

We are not mistakes; we are mystics!

David Hill with his friend George on the island of Crete, 2011

Meditations of Osho Rajneesh

Osho Meditation

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