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Asking For Help

A little over a year ago I published a book entitled 'MASTERING MADNESS," and since then have been engaged in the nearly full-time job of promoting and selling it. The reviews have been wonderful, and are available on my website. The book is intended to not only expose the myth of mental illness, but to offer natural healing modalities to those who are being diagnosed as schizophrenic or bi-polar or just about any of the thousands of labels listed in the DSM5.


This is a requset for help. I depleted what little funds I possessed to get the book edited and published and am now attempting to promote and sell it. Without available funds, this is an extremely difficult and frustrating situation. I do not like promoting myself. I am not a salesman. I am reaching out to my network of associates; people who are working to help others who are caught in the net of the psychopharmaceutical empire.


Please take a little time to scan the reviews on the website, and if you feel that the book has merit and could be helpful, perhaps you could purchase a copy, or, if you are one of those rare, wealthy, philanthropic beings, perhaps you could assist me financially, or in connecting me to people or organizations that could assist this endeavor.


The book is very simple: it is all about helping people move from medication to meditation.


Thank you!


David Hill (aka Anand Chintan)




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