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Mental illness Myths


Free Cure for Mental Illness

I am writing this specifically for the Facebook Group called "Mental Illness Myths" on December 19, 2016. I will attempt to be brief. For any background information on me or on my thesis, there are a number of articles posted on my website,, and, of course, my whole story in book form, Mastering Madness,  which is for sale on the website. To get right to the point, I intend to go out on a limb by stating that the majority of my countrymen and women who are struggling in some form of mental illness are buying into a giant lie which is perpetrated by big businesses profiting on the managing of mental illness.

The big lie is that you have a chemical imbalance which can be corrected by ingesting the chemicals produced, marketed and sold by various corporations. The other part of the lie is that there is something wrong with you which can be corrected by long-term therapy, chemical cocktails, Electro-Convulsive Therapy and even a lengthy stay at a psychiatric hospital. It is a scam. You need to wake up. You are a unique, valuable human being, not a mistake that needs correcting, not a conglomeration of symptoms that require remedies. You are simply cut off from nature, or, to put it in religious terms, from God. Whether you worship God or nature or love or truth, if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, unfounded fears, unwanted thoughts, sleepless nights, restless legs, social anxiety "disorder," or any of the other categories of dysfunction listed in the psychiatric manuals, it is my belief and experience that you are simply a human being cut off from God, cut off from nature, cut off from your own, intrinsic, individual being. You are a being, not a problem to be solved. The Cure: Get thee to a farmer's market. Get thee to a holistic medicine man. Get thee to a long, long walk in the woods. Get thee to a society of friends who will love you for who you are. Get thee to a place of meditation and stillness. Get thee away from corporate food. Get thee away from pharmaceutical drugs. Get thee away from that little rectangular box that tells you sweet little lies. Get thee to dance halls, athletic fields, and churches and synagogues and mosques that rock with holy life. Get thee as far away from the center aisles of supermarkets as possible. And..... most of all.... Get thee to an experience of REAL MEDITATION! Meditation is the master key. It will make you intelligent. It will make you aware. It will make you available to love. It will open your eyes to your kinship with all life. It will complicate your life as it moves you closer and closer to God. You will not be able to eat those tortured beasts in the factory farm system. It will take Wonder Bread and McDonalds and Walmart out of your life. It will transform you from corporate stooge to authentic, real, individual HUMAN BEING! I promised to be brief. Please forgive me. I've failed! To end this, let me just say that the corporate world is systematically poisoning you. Read the ingredients on the foods you purchase at your supermarket. Research GMOs. Take a good, hard look at what passes as therapy these days. I am available through my website for individual counseling or for talks to groups, Contact me through the website or via email at

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