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Mental illness Myths


Side Affects

SIDE AFFECTS OF PROZAC, LORAZEPAN, PAXIL, WELBUTRIN, ELAVIL: Loss of sexual desire or ability, Irritability, Trouble sleeping or drowsiness, Headache, Changes in appetite, Hives, Thoughts of suicide, Agitation and restlessness, Seizures, Fast heartbeat, Nausea and vomiting, Birth Defects, Nervousness, Heavy Sweating, Constipation, Dry Mouth, Shaking, Hyperventilation, Seeing, Hearing or Feeling things that are not there, Having extreme distrust of people, Blurred Vision, Increased need to urinate, Unusual bleeding, Hallucinations, Confusion, Fainting!

SIDE AFFECTS OF MEDITATION: Peace, Laughter, Mental Health, Inability to Kill, Love, Dancing Feet, Hearing the voice of God, Intelligence, Spontaneity, Integration of Body and Mind, Deep Relaxation!

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