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Help for Vets

I am a veteran and receive excellent services from the Veteran's Health System in Daytona, Florida. At every appointment I am asked the same two questions: #1. Are you thinking of harming yourself? #2. Are you thinking of harming anyone else? I asked why they have to ask those questions. The reply: TWENTY TWO Veterans commit sucide EVERY DAY. That figure was backed up by an Army recruiter I spoke with the other day. That figure has been challenged by others. BUT, whether it is 22 or only 11, my question is: What in hell is going on in this society? Where is the help for the guys (and gals) who gave up 3 or more of their PRIME years in service to their country? A fellow Vet told me that when he sought mental health counseling from the Vets, he was seen for FIFTEEN minutes by a psychiatrist who barely looked at him as he wrote out two prescriptions for PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATONS!  Here is my thesis: Our society is presently run by corporate insanity. Real health and healing is available. Real therapy is available. You have to search for it. It exists in nature, in alternative therapy, in meditation, in eating REAL food. It does NOT exist in the Standard American Diet (SAD) or in taking a pill for every ill and a potion for every emotion. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND !!!!


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