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Keep It Simple Stupid!

Please forgive me for the title. It is from an old joke: A politician, prior to every speech, is handed a note from his wife, with just the word KISS on it. Someone said that they felt it was so romantic that even in old age the politician's wife welcomed him with a kiss. The politician sadly replied, "You don't know the meaning of her KISS. It means Keep It Simple Stupid!"

So, let me see if I can keep this promotion for my book SIMPLE! The book is Mastering Madness. It is my only book. It is getting rave reviews and only one condemnation. It is a book that I wrote with my younger brother in mind. I couldn't save him from the ravages of "treatment" by the Psychiatric/Phrmaceutical empire, so perhaps I can share my story of alternative ways of dealing with so-called mental illness, and perhaps it can offer a helping hand to those bright beings of great promise who may be contemplating a trip down the rabbit hole of psychiatry.

Well, that was pretty simple. My desire is to stop all this promotion and get back to writing and working one-on-one with the so-called mentally ill, so please buy a copy through this website (click on HOME page), or on

Thank you!



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