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Gentle Protest

I spend about an hour a day searching the Internet, mainly focused on the subject of mental illness. Since my experience and belief is that psychiatry and psychotropic medications are inherent evils, many of my internet connections are people and organizations that either attack the Psycho/Pharma Empire or offer alternative modalities for people suffering from mental illness.

I am about to increase my involvement in the struggle and am concerned about ways and means. I have a website called and I manage a Facebook page called Psychotropic Medication Awareness. In early 2016 my book “Mastering Madness” will be available.

I have spent much of my life battling the rulers and attempting to aid the downtrodden. I am sick of negativity, sick of merely lashing out at the oppressors. I am hoping for a gentle, loving approach to arise, but I can’t sugar coat the horrors that are happening in our world. I confess to being a bit world-weary, and if my conscience would allow, it would be nice to escape to a seaside hideout and wait for the end times. Why do I continue to try?

3 reasons:

#1. My only brother fell into the hands of the Psychopharma people in his early 20s. Over the course of five years he took several psychotropic drugs, was confined on two separate occasions to a mental asylum, and was given a course of Electro-Convulsive “Therapy.” He jumped off a bridge to put an end to “treatment” at age 27!

#2. My best friend, a poet, genius, teacher, delightful “madman” fell into the hands of the Psychopharma people at age 30. He reluctantly agreed to long-term Lithium “therapy.” By age 50 he was physically ill, mentally unstable and lived an additional ten years being nursed by a friend and finally confined to a nursing home where he died at age 60!

#3. I, a dancer, actor, writer, fell into the hands of the Psychopharma people at age 30. I took psychotropic medications to cut off the depths of depression and the heights of mania. After three years of treatment, I was advised to join my best friend in the land of Lithium. Seeing what that “therapy” was doing to him, I ran away in search of a miracle.

At age 72, in excellent health and having spent the past 20 years working as an advocate for people languishing in group homes for the mentally ill, I passionately want to reach out to young people like Brother John, friend Bill and my earlier confused self, to destroy the poisonous ideas promoted by this deranged society and offer joyous, powerful, alternative actions and insights to promote optimum health. Oh, and YES, I found a miracle!

So, how do I proceed? What should be my focus? How do I communicate the ecstatic realms of existence, available to all? How do I convince you that mental illness is a myth, while you are currently in the pit of depression or the precarious heights of mania? While awaiting answers, I guess I just have to begin. Your encouragement is very welcomed. Please use the contact page on my website: to communicate with me.

I’ll announce the availability of my book “Mastering Madness” in the next few weeks. I am always available to lecture, counsel and teach ecstatic dance and meditation. I am sometimes available for a cup of organic coffee or a glass of red wine! I reserve the right to indulge in certain vices, for perfection was never my goal!

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