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What Happened to You?

Who says I can't write a SHORT article? Here's one:


My upcoming book, still untitled, so please offer suggestions, deals with the subject of mental illness. My thesis is summed up in the accompaning graphic. In the book I describe my own journey from madness to my present state of mind, which is a little mad, but of the light-hearted variety. Half-way through my 70 years I encountered the mad meditations of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Using that on-going experience, like a thorn to remove the thorn of so-called mental illness, I have journeyed on, free of psychiatrists, free of psychotropic medications and happy to work with the so-called mentally ill housed in America's institutions, to effort to find out what happened to them and hopefully help them remove their own personal thorns. Ok, I know, I promised to keep it short! Take a look at the Dynamic Meditation video on the website. It is NOT the only way out of so-called mental illness, but it was my way, and IT WORKED !!!!!!!

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