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In a society based on lies, to tell the truth can be dangerous. After a lifetime of deep involvement in the world of the mentally ill, I am painfully aware of the lies that are promoted and supported by those in power. I have witnessed the games played by psychiatrists, in league with the pharmaceutical industry. I have spent countless hours with mentally ill patients who languish in group homes, residential care facilities and mental asylums. I have watched hundreds of these damaged people too weakened by their drug cocktails to be able to muster the energy to fight against their disease and against their gate keepers.

And I have suffered as well. My suffering was simply the frustration of a lucky survivor of mental illness attempting to share methods of healing in a system that thrives on keeping people tethered to a chemically-based, expensive, long-term treatment of symptoms. My assertion to those in power that mental illness can be alleviated naturally, without drugs and without an expensive treatment plan was met with derision, suspicion, marginalization, sanctions and ultimately termination of employment.

My success in bringing mentally ill patients out of the darkness of a life of medication, TV, bingo, bad food and the monotony of institutional life and into a classroom, a basketball court, a job, a dance, a meaningful relationship, and most importantly to the strong voicing of a desire to get off the drugs, so alarmed the psychopharmaceutical profiteers that they were compelled to eliminate the programs that were stirring up the rebellious spark in their patients and to eventually find legal ways to silence me.

Now in “retirement” and too old to be concerned about repercussions, I am happy to challenge the prevalent belief system that condemns the mentally ill to a lifetime of drug “therapy” and offer my assistance.

Meditation is my main offering. On the website please view the videos. When I find a venue, meditations and lectures will be posted in the EVENTS section. The ARTICLES section contain a constantly changing selection of my writings on meditation, therapy, diet and other topics. Please use the CONTACT section to send emails of encouragement, inquiry and complaints.


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