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Time to get off facebook and into the street!

I've posted a number of articles on this website and a bunch of darn good stuff on facebook but it suddenly dawned on me that I've been too wordy and the videos have been too long, and maybe that is why I'm getting so little feedback, so in the interest of spreading the word, here is a very, very, short, non-verbose, intellectually dumbed-down article:

Here goes -- Donald Trump has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so watch out world. Mental illness is mostly a myth. Psychotropic drugs are a bad idea. Meditation is the anti-dote for medication. Eating dead animals is stoopid. Global warming is real. Read and watch Chris Hedges for he is THE American Guru. And lastly, I am joining the revolution and getting out into the streets. Hope to see you there. Oh, and I'm bringing my cat, so watch out. I am vegan and pacifist. She has claws and will kill!

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