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Dear Mental Illness MYTHS Friends,

I have not posted any of my own words for quite a while. I finished the writing of my still untitled book which is now in the editing stage. It will be my first book and has taken around ten years to complete. At this rapid rate, since I am 71 years of age, the next book should come out in 2025 on the anniversary of my 81st escape from the gallows. The book is a layman’s guide IN to and OUT of so-called mental illness. It chronicles my own journey.

Now, as I wait on the editor and work on a cover design and title, I am left with an inordinate amount of time in my head and am filling that space with the writings of my Facebook associates, a number of books, many videos and the local (Florida, USA), National and International news. I feel pulled in many directions. I want to join various battles against the Goliaths -- Halliburton, Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, McDonalds, Nestle and so many other corporations that prey on the trust of the uneducated masses. Since my main area of passion and expertise concerns the journey from medication to meditation, I am forcing myself to focus on so-called mental illness and to do whatever I can to share what I know.

The villains in my drama are as hidden from sight as the villains in the corporate suites of Monsanto or General Foods. Whether the faceless greed heads are pushing corn syrup or psychotropic medications, it is the same criminal game. In this writing, short and to the point (hopefully), I want to expose the game and try my best to convince you to TURN ON, TUNE IN and DROP OUT! I stole that phrase from Dr. Timothy Leary who in the 60s was advocating for the use of psychedelic drugs. Using the same familiar phrase for wont of a better one, I am pushing a different agenda:

TURN ON: Take some deep breaths, get out in nature, throw yourself in the ocean, get pumped up and then…….

TUNE IN: Through the “miracle” of REAL meditation, not TM which is neither meditation nor transcendental, you will be moving into the realm of ecstasy. You will be turning yourself on. Your life will have the quality of music, poetry and dance. Your being will become a magnet to attract the glories of our world. And, finally…..

DROP OUT: Drop out of all things corporate. Whether IT is corporate food, corporate politics, corporate religion, corporate TV, corporate radio or corporate “health” care, IT is poisoning you.


Come on, you can do it. Keep it short and to the point! Oh well….

…  I just read that Florida is ranked 49th in services to the mentally ill, and possibly 49th in all things related to health, so maybe what I am seeing at the supermarket is not happening where you are, but “Oh my God, what is happening to we humans?” Yesterday I saw an elderly couple (probably 10 years younger than me) jointly pushing their shopping cart. He was bent over and she was hooked up to a portable oxygen machine, and they were loading their cart with nothing but SICK food, nothing green, nothing vital and alive, and I wanted to stop them and say “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELVES?” And then there were half a dozen obese people too fat and/or too tired to walk, riding around on the motorized shopping carts, and filling their carts with junk, LARGE quantities of junk, and again I wanted to stop them and say, “Hey people this does NOT have to be your life. Please stop this madness!”

These corporations know what they are doing. They know the sickness that they create with their products. The drug companies know how poisonous their products are. They will not stop voluntarily, and we are too weak to go head to head with them. There seems to be only one answer – DIVORCE! Get thee to a Farmer’s Market. Get thee to a dance. Get thee to a meditation center. Get thee …..

The END!

Oh no, when is he going to stop? This was supposed to be short and to the point. People don’t have the time to read all this stuff. What is your message? MEDITATE! Check out the videos, stories and links on my website ( The kingdom of God is within you! You can heal yourself!

The really, really end, I promise……….







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