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Meditation for the Super Rich

The 1% need my help. I feel their pain!!!!

I took several deep breaths, opened wide my eyes, looked at the horror that surrounded me, then ran home..... to Mother Nature!

That was the experience of escaping from the Dead Zone, or to call it by a more familiar title, Corporate America. This is what I see: This culture is controlled by lilly-white, expensively dressed, manicured HAIRCUTS who smell nice and hire others to slit your throat if you speak up too loudly. I'm getting louder and louder as I age, so if you find me face down in an alley somewhere, please forgive the assasin who did the deed for he was only trying to survive, to make a little money to fill his belly, support his family or his habit or perhaps he was simply defending his religious conditioning. These are desperate times and when ordinary humans become desperate they will do just about anything to survive.

I am attemtping to share a secret with you. It is unbelievable, but true, and here it is: Your present state of misery has been carefully constructed by faceless, nameless mutants of the species human.


Some definitions

HUMAN: A species existing halfway between animal and divine, capable of creating Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Divinci's Madonna and Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land," but also capable of unspeakable horrors like ethnic "cleansing," Monsanto Corporation and Walmart...and donald trump and......

HUMAN MUTATION: A human who turns his back on the sufferings of others and spends his 70 years accumulating personal wealth

MEDITATION: a method to claim your birthright as a being capable of rising to ecstatic levels of consciousness.


I have been offering meditations at the Tangoz Fitness Center in Orange City, Florida and the Bamboo Arts Center in DeLeon Springs, Florida and have kept the fees as low as possible so that the struggling 99% could afford it, but I think I shall soon change my strategy. It seems that those who are struggling to pay their bills cannot find the time or energy for such luxuries as meditation, organic foods, massage, psychotherapy and natural healing modalities, so I shall soon be offering special meditation classes and retreats exclusively for the 1%.

Priced at $250.00 per class and $5,000.00 per weekend retreat, a win-win-win situation will evolve.

WIN #1: The elite will be treated to the experience of deep meditation which can elevate a person's awareness and sensitivtity to the point where they naturally arrive at a level of consciousness that encourages SHARING!

WIN #2: I will make a ton of money!

WIN#3: I will be able, with my new found wealth, to SHARE with those in my community who are in desperate straits.

If you agree with this strategy, please share this with any CEOs or aristocrats or members of the Bush family you might run across at the local Farmer's Markets or downtown taverns, and before I raise my rates come meditate on Tuesdays, 4pm at the Tangoz Fitness Center, 760 S. Volusia Avenue, Orange City, Florida and on Wednesdays at 9am at the Bamboo Arts Center, 4490 Cave Lake Road, DeLeon Springs, Florida.

If you are not in the area, search Osho on the web. His meditations are happening all over the planet.

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