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UFOs and Other Scary Things

I believe more in UFOs than the benefits of psychotropic medications.

 When a friend of mine while stationed at a remote military outpost in the Far East witnessed the landing of a manned spacecraft from another planet while on guard duty one night, he was instantly converted from a non-believer in the theory that life exists on other planets into a passionate believer. When he reported the event to his commanding officer he was court-martialed and accused of sleeping on guard duty and when he insisted on his innocence and on the reality of what he saw, he was convicted, given a short stay in the brig and then dishonorably discharged. We became friendly years later as neighbors who shared the distinction of being ostracized smokers, banished to the out-of-doors to feed our addiction. As we smoked he kept his eyes on the skies, not wanting to miss a second opportunity to engage the aliens. He turned me on to many books and articles on the subject of visits by alien cultures and the cover-up by our government.


That was forty years ago. I’ve never encountered a UFO and have little interest in pursuing the subject, and besides this isn’t an article on UFOs. It’s an article on psychotropic medications, but as I started to write this thing I saw myself as a lone voice shouting in the wilderness and was reminded of my friend Richard who possessed privileged knowledge and had very little luck convincing others of its reality. That’s how I feel as I watch my fellow Americans choose diets that clog arteries, promote diabetes and heart disease, drink alcohol or ingest drugs that weaken them physically and emotionally and finally when on the verge of collapse line up to receive a psychiatric diagnosis and a prescription for psychotropic medication, and here I am having lived a long life of deep involvement with mental illness shouting on the side lines that UFOs ARE REAL.


Oops, no, that’s Richard’s shout.




Believe it or not, in this modern age they actually come up with a medication first and then convince you that you have a disease that fits the prescription. I ain’t lying.  The latest edition of the psychiatric industry’s Bible, called the DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, volume #5), lists a new disease called Social Anxiety Disorder, and as “luck” would have it there is a new drug to deal with it. Actually it is an old drug with a new label. The “disorder” is in reality nothing but a very human and very common feeling we get when entering a new place and encountering new people. The drug they came up with is a form of amphetamine, or “speed” as we used to call it in the sixties.  The drug simply gives you a mild high that relaxes you and gives you a false sense of confidence. You can achieve a similar feeling by taking a flask of brandy and downing a shot or two before entering the party scene.


One of the most profitable drugs they are pushing is Ritalin. Their target market? CHILDREN!


The fabricated disease is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. That didn’t exist back in the 1950s when I was a kid. It was not a disorder. It was simply being a kid, you know, full of energy, healthy, inquisitive, active, ALIVE. There was no pill back then so we had gym class in the middle of the school day so we could climb up to the ceiling on ropes, run laps and attempt to kill each other in games of dodge ball, and in the late afternoon instead of electronic lobotomy toys we ran wild in the back yards and streets and playgrounds.


You might ask what gives me the authority to attack a whole industry, actually several industries, because I see the corporate food and drink industry going hand in hand with the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries. Here in a nutshell is how I tie them together. The corporate foods promise good taste and good nutrition, but in reality the highly processed, denatured food promotes obesity and disease which leads to depression and other negative mental states which leads to the door of the psychiatrist who in today’s climate is merely a societally-approved front man for the pharmaceutical empire. My authority comes from a lifetime involvement with the mentally ill as care-giver and specifically from a decade-long involvement with hundreds of mentally ill men and women residing in group homes and residential care facilities in which they are fed a steady diet of non-foods, sugared drinks and drug cocktails.


Here’s an example of how it works. When I was employed at a residential care facility for the mentally ill, one of my jobs was to escort the inmates to their quarterly medication evaluation. The psychiatrist, a charming old guy who I genuinely liked, did NO therapy. His job was to schedule half hour appointments every three months to meet with a patient, review laboratory reports and write prescriptions for psychotropic medications. One memorable day I drove four mentally ill men to attend appointments. The four appointments were for 1:30, 2:00, 2:30 and 3:00pm. We congregated in his office while the good doctor scanned the lab reports, relied on me to indicate which patient corresponded to which lab report, asked the patient if his meds were okay, and then filled out a stack of prescriptions. In this way four human beings were processed and “good” to go for another three months. The last bit of paperwork for the doctor was to bill the agency for FOUR half hour sessions. The entire process took about twenty minutes.


That’s what I saw. It is a fixed system, seldom criticized.


My understanding is that those four human beings are imprisoned in a system that offers no chance of healing because the system believes there is no healing possible. They say it is a brain disorder and that the best they can do is force-feed chemicals that affect the brain. I’ve witnessed up close the effects these toxins have: dullness, lethargy, drooling, aphasia, tardive-dyskinesia, shuffling gait, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, homicidal and suicidal ideation.


My authority?


Just my experience.  No other authority.


The people it was my joy to assist were in pretty sad shape with little hope of regaining their health. The people I see in my day to day meanderings are still capable of taking charge of their physical and mental health, but I despair when I witness their daily choices of food, drink and sedentary pursuits. The human body can only take so much abuse, so much intake of highly processed corporate food stuff, so little connection with nature before it reaches the tipping point that signals the onset of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Likewise, at what point does an overdose of TV, I pads, IPods, Laptops, X-Boxes and all the other corporate toys create a condition in the brain that will lead to a medication readily available and conveniently listed in the DSM5?


UFOs may not be real, but unless I am sadly deluded, corporate malfeasance IS real and ignorance of its grip on you will lead to a life of misery. You can simply drop out of their game, give up your addictions to processed food, sugared drinks, vacuous TV programs and mindless Twittering. Take charge of your life. Get out in nature, pet an animal instead of that little box you always seem to be stroking. Read the tiny print on the ingredient panel of the food and beverage package before you load it into your shopping cart. Shop at the local health food stores. Locate the nearest farmer’s market. Find out where your food comes from. The Garden of Eden is still available. Enjoy it today before it all disappears in a toxic corporate cloud!


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