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How the Psychiatric/Pharmaceutical Empire Infects the Soul of America

I think it may be true that these people have for the time being at any rate more intelligence than they can handle and that the reduction of intelligence is an important factor in the curative process. I say this without cynicism. The fact is that some of the best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one reduces almost to amentia (simple-mindedness).  –Dr. Abraham Myerson.

One of the newest drugs on the market is for a brand new disease recently invented by the psychopharmaceutical empire. The “disease” is called Social Anxiety Disorder. It is a pretend disease with a pretend cure.  If you are one of those unfortunate people with more intelligence than you can handle referred to by Dr. Myerson you might have figured out that social anxiety is not a disorder, it is simply a very human response to having to put on your best clothes and make an appearance at a gathering of other nervous humans. In the old days when faced with the dilemma of having to impress a bunch of strangers I would immediately down a couple of stiff drinks and feel perfectly at home.  As I matured I became able to handle these socially anxious functions without the alcohol.


Well folks, whether it is the so-called Social Anxiety Disorder or the more real Bi-Polar Disorder, the Dr. Myersons in our culture are going to profit greatly by treating you to an expensive regimen fueled by psychotropic medications. These drugs are being created at an alarming rate and are being marketed not just to people facing a crisis, but to women having just given birth claiming that there is no reason why they should have to suffer through post-partum depression, something most women would agree is simply a short-term biological and/or psychological response to giving birth.  They are also targeting children, the most vulnerable of our citizens. Our children are being treated to free psychiatric screening so as to assure society that those youngsters who have a predilection towards socially unacceptable behavior are properly medicated before they can grow naturally towards their own innermost destiny.  In essence what they are attempting to do is take away from the world the possibility of a sociopath, but also of a Van Gogh, a Beethoven, a Dylan or any other such “madman” under the guise of protecting society from a potential threat.

The drugs I had taken for so many months affected every part of my body. My eyes kept going out of focus, especially when I tried to read. My mouth was dry, my tongue swollen, my words slurred. Sometimes I forgot what I was trying to say. My body was puffy. I hadn’t menstruated in months and was able to move my bowels only with enormous amounts of laxatives. I had no energy at all. If walking around in a constant haze is supposed to be tranquility, I was successfully tranquilized. – Judi Chamberlin, survivor of psychotropic medication

In my work with the mentally ill I witnessed the debilitating effects of their “treatment.” In their chemically-induced fog, they had no energy to fight against their disease. The drugs kept them in a somnambulistic state which made them very good patients indeed. They could be processed through their day with little or no trouble. Call out “Medication Time” and like lambs to the slaughter they would line up and thank us for taking such good care of them. And if there was a “bad” patient among them, one that refused treatment or acted out “inappropriately,” he or she was quickly scheduled for a medication evaluation at the local mental health clinic. These evaluations usually took no more than 15 minutes as the psychiatrist checked the list of medications, glanced at a recent lab report and either introduced a new psychotropic or increased the dosages of existing medications.  The majority of the patients I cared for where so docile after years of “treatment” that the psychiatrist could service them four at a time. In this way the good doctor could get four human beings processed in less than half an hour and then bill his agency for FOUR half hour appointments.  I’m not making this up! There was no therapy happening, just a few questions from the doctor. “How are you feeling? How are your meds? Any questions?  There were usually no questions asked. The patients knew that questions usually led to more drugs, and besides, the quicker they got out of the office the sooner they could get to the vending machines and the smoking area.

One of my co-workers in the mental health field is a psychologist named Kenneth Lux. He and I worked hand in hand to treat a young woman suffering from schizophrenia. After years of psychotropic drugs and little or no therapy she responded to Dr. Lux’s approach which was to simply support her desire to be drug and symptom-free. It was a slow process but she was coming alive. She was talking about her life, expressing her fear and her anger. With the drugs being slowly weaned out of her system, the real person was being revealed, her intelligence, her sensitivity, her rage. This was too much for the group home in which she lived. The staff could not control her. The administration, already opposed to our radical approach to this woman’s disease, quickly intervened and had her shipped to the local psych unit. Before Dr. Lux or I could get to her, she was confined in “treatment” and her medications increased.  Two weeks later a docile, empty-eyed young woman was deemed ready to continue her “life” at the group home.

This is just one of many instances of the system crushing anything that it views as a threat to its dominance. For dramatic accounts of workable therapies being subverted and crushed by the dominant paradigm read Dr. Peter Breggin’s books on Psychiatry or Dr. Loren Mosher’s Soteria Project or Osho Rajneesh’s writings on the Psychology of the Buddhas.  Another fascinating story regards Dr. Richard Schulz and his attacks by the FDA after developing a powerful healing regimen called the Incurables Program.

In other articles I will offer case histories of mentally ill persons who managed to survive the “treatment” of the Psychopharmaceutical empire and also give step by step instructions in various treatment modalities including the Psychology of the Buddhas, the method I personally used to combat Bi-Polar Disorder.

Schizophrenics have more to teach psychiatrists about the inner world than psychiatrists their patients. The mad are inarticulate poets; psychiatrists are articulate know-nothings.—Dr. R. D. Laing


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