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I am creating this website in September of 2014 as a 21st century version of a platform in the marketplace on which I can stand in order to shout out my message. I have titled the website MENTAL ILLNESS MYTHS, not because it is the best title, but because I had to call it something and the other phrases I liked had already been taken, things like MAD IN AMERICA, A JOURNEY THROUGH MADNESS, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKOO’S NEST, and my favorite FROM MEDICATION TO MEDITATION, but I like Mental Illness Myths because it reflects one of my basic shouts which goes something like this: YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. THE HORROR YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IS NOT A BRAIN DISORDER. THE TOXIC DRUGS THEY WANT TO FEED YOU WILL NOT HEAL YOU. THEY WILL, IN FACT, PUT YOU  IN A CHEMICAL STRAITJACKET WHICH WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT TO GET OUT OF. That is the negative, scary shout. The other shout is much more positive. It is, more like a gentle whisper: You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

Isn’t that beautiful? I wish I had written it, but I have to be honest and tell you that I pilfered it from a great little writing entitled “Desiderata.” Check it out now. It takes less than five minutes to read. My ramblings are a bit longer. Some of them are contained herein. Others are being sewn together into a book which I hope to publish by the end of 2015. In it I shall give a blow-by-blow account of my own journey into so-called mental illness and the methods I employed to heal myself. I hate to give away the ending of the book, but here I am at age 71 enjoying a healthy life surrounded by peacocks in (Ponce) DeLeon Springs, Florida and if I had any sense I would retire, get fat, watch sports channel and wade in the fountain of youth each day, but I don’t have any sense and I DO have a sort of mania that propels me into action.

In my book I describe the life I experienced in the mid-1970s. I was labeled Manic-Depressive with psychotic tendencies. That label isn’t used these days. It has been changed to the nicer term Bi-Polar Disorder, but whatever the label, the condition was a living hell from which I thought no escape was possible. I spent a ton of money on weekly therapy sessions with a lovely therapist named Dee Myers who kept me from complete despair, but could not keep me from the clutches of the Psychiatric/Pharmaceutical Empire that pushed a pill for every ill and a potion for every emotion.

Browsing through the website you will encounter articles relating to the methods I employed to free myself from the myth of mental illness and allow me to flush the psychotropic drugs down the drain. You will also come across articles describing the horrid living conditions of our most damaged brothers and sisters rotting away in various institutions for the mentally ill, no longer strapped to their beds or restrained in straightjackets, but still harnessed and kept from our sight through “better” chemistry. There is a story of John Hill, my baby brother, who endured “treatment” by the Rhode Island mental “health” establishment for a half dozen years until making his dramatic escape. On the lighter side you will encounter articles espousing natural living, ecstatic dance, alternative therapies, organic gardening, primal therapy, and most important in my opinion, the antidote to mental illness…..MEDITATION!

Enjoy the articles. Check out the links. And if you are in close proximity to the Fountain of Youth (DeLeon Springs, Florida), contact me for more information on the dance and meditation classes I teach. I can also put you in touch with local therapists (healers) who are not fronts for Big Pharma.




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