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Mastering Madness Mastering Madness is not a scholarly thesis on mental illness. It is a personal adventure story, a story that I hope will inspire you to escape the clutches of a mad society and find your own way.

In Mastering Madness I give you a glimpse into the inner world of a bipolar-diagnosed young man who existed in a world of terror, plagued by very bad thoughts; tortured through endless, sleepless nights; as terrified of the coming morning and its responsibilities as he was of the demons playing around inside his skull.

That young man was me. My way out of mental illness was strange; it was not a clear path. It was sort of a mad meander to truth. But it worked!

I won’t give away the ending, but here I am in my 70s, full of good will towards all, healthy in body and mind, and thrilled to be finally publishing this book. Through the Grace of God, and the love and support of some outstanding people, I survived my three-year battle with manic-depression and experienced a powerful cure.

Then I went on to work in America’s insane asylums for many years. I did this work to give back, and to try to help other poor unfortunates make a jail break.

This book is for you, the ones Bob Dylan called “the ‘mad’ ones; mad for life, mad for experience.” You, with the fire in your belly, hungry to know your true self, never wanting to settle for comfort and convenience, living on the edge, questioning everything, never ready to settle for someone else’s recipe for life, this is for you.


David Hill / Chintan

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Comments and Book Reviews:

With often heart-rending honesty, [the author] sketches his 'normal,' middle-American family background and the first two very traditional decades of his life as an introduction to his subsequent period of decline into the seemingly bottomless pit of 'mental illness.' Drugs, infidelity, divorce, alcohol, his brother's suicide, homelessness... despair, depression, gut-wrenching anxiety... all the messiness is laid out in impressive and relevant detail. That's the background for the why of this book, the second part. This is where the 'unseen hand' leads David Hill to his first Dynamic Meditation and the path to becoming Anand Chintan..... This slim, easy-to-read volume with fairly large type and clear layout is both a challenge (in terms of the painful history) and a joyous revelation. Who knows, it could be precisely what someone you know, who is 'mentally ill', is looking for!

-- Kaiyum (Osho News)

This was an intriguing, can't-put-it-down book for me: a story written by someone who as a young man was diagnosed as bipolar, with all the classic symptoms, and properly told to take lithium as a cure.... I'll just say a bit more about this story of Zorba in real life. While reading it and totally absorbed, I discovered tears, not just in my eyes but running down my face. I was bursting with irrational, emotional release. I was reading the story of success, not of monetary gain but of winning a freedom of the self.

-- Paritosh Yogena (Viha Connection)

To read this book, is to enter into David Hill’s extraordinary journey with and through a madness – which is not solely his – but indeed, infects all mankind. It is the undeniable history of the human species. However, so few of us – so very few – ever recognize the human condition as being so manic; so hysterically, so frenetically out of balance with the natural world that we, and all other creatures, inhabit. Paradoxically, even the few who do, somehow manage to keep the observation an abstraction, so as not to implicate themselves.

That is why this book, “Mastering Madness,” is a gift to all of us; even though it is really not a mastering, but an unmasking and discarding of the gnarled knot that is madness. It took much strength, courage, and perseverance to untangle that knot and spread it out before us – a path of potholes and pitfalls, dead ends and roads to nowhere. This book is a detour sign.

--Erika Pfander, Artistic Director, The Chamber Theatre of Maine


The summary statement is that I loved the book.  And most importantly, I loved it even though it brought out some of the hardest emotions I have struggled with in life.  I found myself both relating to and being frustrated with you in equal depth.  Easily a handful of times I had to put the book down, process my emotions, and wipe the tears before I went back to reading….You have seen the madness for what it is for a long time.  And you were willing to learn about the roots of it.  Furthermore, and probably most importantly, you took the road least traveled and questioned everything about your original beliefs.  Then to write about that ... very brave.

Angie, Aroostook County, Maine

I could not put the book down. I haven't read a book in a long time. This one feels so special because it deals with feelings! People for the most part don't know how to deal with their feelings in a healthy, healing environment. You have to do that yourself with the help of others who have been down this path… It can be crippling to hold your feelings inside. This much I know, even though I was never addicted to alcohol or drugs. The pain was just as bad and the feeling of not fitting in with this world and that nobody understands you…..We need to find more ways to accept ourselves despite our past, but first we must discover what is in our way.

Taruna P. Meyer, Tucson, Arizona

A fascinating account; I especially like the quotes at the beginning of each chapter…..This book is important because it points to the need for treating "mental illness" through diet, exercise, and meditation instead of pharmaceuticals. The author's story is compelling and personal and left me wanting more.......and feeling like he has a lot more to say.

Carol Ingram, Huntsville, Alabama

Mastering Madness is a good book and worth reading on several fronts. For me, it’s always interesting to read or hear about someone trying to make sense of this thing called life. In my opinion we are all here on planet earth for a reason, one of which is both personal and communal. Our job is to figure it out, understand it, and make the most of it. In this particular case we are taken on a journey from a closed, claustrophobic early family environment, to a toxic lost world of drugs and alcohol, to success and failure in capitalism, and finally to some sense of enlightenment in an ashram in India.

Gerry Gatz, New Hampshire

This book is vivid and deeply truthful from the point of view of its author. A very personal view, a way through darkness. Very strong imagery takes you with him on his journey. It is not sweet, not an easy journey, yet it shows the way a person can come through the pains and despairs of life into a new way of being, and how that person can observe, and then give back to others who suffer the same.

Rupa Cousins, Vermont

David has written a book about his own bipolar diagnosis and how he cured himself without the drugs the miserable pill-pushers prescribe daily to all ages. Are you different? Are you sad? Are you angry? Are you YOU? Celebrate yourself by feeling your feelings and take steps to make your life as wonderful as YOU desire it to be…. I love your book, Mastering Madness, and share your disgust with our medical system pushing pills with horrible "side effects". All we can do is TALK AS LOUDLY AND AS PEACEFULLY AS WE CAN about the practices that help us maintain our sanity; good healthy foods, yoga, meditation, dance, playful living, reading, talking with a friend or anything else that floats one's boat. Live your life and love every minute of it. It's the only one you've got. Oh, and read David’s book and share it with a friend-or, better yet, buy more and send them to your loved ones who need them. You know who they are.

Diane Jackman, DeLeon Springs, Florida

This man is another Survivor of Psychiatry and Author that is using the Suffering and Trauma that Harmed him and Cost the Lives of Loved Ones from "Prescripticide," as a Driving Force to Help and Protect Others from being the Industries Next Pawn for Profit…David Hill has a new (easy to read) book called "Mastering Madness" that I have already ordered for my benefit….visit David Hill’s (website = and Enjoy his way of guiding people out of the fog of "Corporate Industrial Brainwashing" and back into the Reality that so many seem Afraid to Acknowledge.

Michael Midlo, Saint Francis, Minnesota

I just wanted to tell you that i thoroughly enjoyed the book….I can't even imagine going through what you not only survived but conquered and grew from.  Your story has inspired a character in my fifth book who will play a prominent role… Any way it is clear to me that in some way i was touched by your struggle. So glad to have met you.

R. Wesley Clement,  Flagler County, Author of four books published. A fifth well on the way. 

Thrilling ride…The thing is a page turner. Extremely well written….really flows…and the story is serious and fun and interesting….The thing about Drugs, prescription or otherwise, is true. They are trouble! And not any real answer. Although in desperation you can understand how some people may turn to them…. this is what I believe you are attempting to do, there is not enough work being done in offering and developing the alternatives as well as uncover the root causes of our troubles.

Peter DiGirolamo, Rockland, Maine

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